Creating Remarkable Solutions Is Only Part of What We Do.

We’re Boarhog. Were not interested in market research. We build solutions worthy of service members.

We're not interested in market research.

We prioritize our customer's mission by revealing challenges that inspire creativity for innovative solutions

We offer our extraordinary insights, program management services, technical support, and cybersecurity expertise to government agencies and industry.


“Joe and Dan’s vast knowledge and experience is only part of what makes them unique. It’s this combined with their provocative forward thinking and motivational enthusiasm that makes the total package.”

Lillian Maestas

Co-Founder at Knowledge Made Solutions, Inc.


our services

Management Consulting >

Boarhog collaborates in the creation of effective messaging delivering discriminating value propositions while avoiding customer hot buttons

Systems Engineering >

​Boarhog on-site technical and program support services reveal challenges that inspire creation of innovative solutions we then validate with the acquisition professionals, and produce results

Program of Record (POR) Support >

Boarhog not only produces Installation Requirements Diagrams (IRDs) for complex Information Warfare capabilities, we integrate racks of equipment, and install and test systems afloat and ashore

Candidate Technology Assessments

Boarhog created the Labs-as-a-Service Plus (LaaS+) business innovation from Boarhog Logic™ to rapidly evaluate relevant technologies within representative mission environments, providing insights to non-traditional business innovators and vendors, using industry’s sunk cost investments in infrastructure and recognized engineering and sustainment expertise ​

We can relate

Non-traditional businesses and technology vendors who go it alone when offering innovative capabilities often experience a “valley of death” to the acquisition authorities.  

They either don’t thoroughly appreciate the constraints of the mission domain, or they are unfamiliar with the systems specifications and portfolios, or their messaging flies in the face of unknown hot buttons and priorities, or they don’t realize they’re being run around the phone book until their innovations are state-of-the-shelf.  All too often it’s all of the above. Boarhog has been there, and we know how not to go there again.

Our Clients

Government customers include multiple US Navy program offices within the Program Executive Office for C4I, the Navy Information Warfare Centers (NIWC), the Navy's Southeast Regional Maintenance Center (SERMC), and the Consul of Canada.

Chicken vs Hog

In a great breakfast, the chicken’s contributions are fine but partial. The pig is all in. Boarhog is all in when it comes to our clients’ success. No chickens here