Labs-as-a-Service Plus Promotes the National Security Innovation Base and Modernization of Key Capabilities while Valuing Speed, Affordability, and Interoperability


REDUCES & SHARES COSTS among Vendors, Industry, and Government

QUICKLY PREFORMS 3rd Party Objective Assessments of Commercial Technologies, SB Innovations, etc. (aka Consumer Reports®)

SUPPORTS the Enterprise Cloud Computing Strategy, which recognizes “a variety of cloud service models and delivery methodologies” to “minimize Government Infrastructure”

ARMS SMALL BUSINESS and Vendors with design insights and Clear Entry Points into the Defense Market

JUSTIFIES industry’s continued capital Investments in their Labs that promotes Competition and fosters relationships

PROMOTES continuous Development and Integration (CDI) and Secure Development & Operations (SecDevOps) to broaden Industry Participation in PoR software development


“There are several other key elements where I see LaaS+ supporting and enabling important shifts in how we do business…  I am in the process of communicating with our current OSD/AT&L management and offices on LaaS+’s potential for the broader DoD”

Office of the Secretary of Defense /AT&L - Office of Manufacturing & Industrial Base Policy (MIBP), Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment (IBAS)


Accepting Greater Risk

  • Hack-a-thons (i.e. hack a RMF & CYBERSAFE locked-down system)
  • Early Experiments when failure’s likely, but costs are low
  • Industry Push to Explore Innovations in AI, Automation, etc.
  • Government open dialogue with LaaS+ consortium members

Accelerated Acquisition of Important Technologies

  • Rapid Prototyping, Production Decisions, Rapid Fielding

A Persistently Available Resource for Government, non-traditional businesses and technology vendors to Quickly Deliver Capability

  • Lowers the Barrier to Entry and Inspires Active Engagement
  • SecDevOps environments and Software Development Kits (SDK)