A framework for rapid, relevant, and cost-effective Technology Assessments using a cloud-based business model in advancing the success of innovative non-traditional businesses and vendors by valuing speed, affordability, and interoperability.



The government continues to make it more and more difficult to do business with the government.

Boarhog Logic™ offers opportunities to innovative non-traditional businesses, technology inventors/vendors, and also big contractors to do business with the government.

IN 2012-2017 OVER

Small Businesses

have disappeared from the database of those registered to do business with the Federal Government (Sec. 809 Panel Created by Congress)

Mission Engineering

Boarhog presents production representative environments and experienced evaluators as-a-Service, to enable Development, Security, and Information Warfare Operations (DevSecOps) relevant in the mission domain. 

Boarhog Logic™ assessments complement the government’s efforts to go faster, reduce risk, promote System Effectiveness and interoperability.



Environment Fidelity

Government Furnished Information

Government Furnished Equipment

Joint / Urgent Operational Need

System Integrators



Small Businesses

Original Equipment Manufacturers

CTA Phases 90 Day Test Cycle
CTA Reports
Industry Funding & Capability Assessment
Test & Certification

Benefits to the government of Boarhog Logic™